Sudbury Celebration of the Arts


The Sudbury Arts Council would like to thank the community for its patience and understanding as there was no community arts award presentation in 2019. We chose to take the 2019 year as a chance to make improvements and adjustments to the event, in order to best move forward. The event's purpose has been and always will be to honour the professional artists who have made a career in Sudbury and have bettered our community through their work.
One main change you might notice is the change in name - formerly called the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts - the event now and moving forward will be known as the Sudbury Celebration of the Arts.
We are proud to present the re-focused and re-vamped Sudbury Celebration of Arts once again on Thursday, June 4, 2020.
The nomination form is available below, and further event details will be coming in the near future.


The Awards


The Award for Outstanding Emerging Artist, is presented to a professional artist with 10 years or less of professional artistic practice for the excellence and creativity of her or his artworks and performances.
The Award for Outstanding Mid-Career Artist, is presented to a mid-career artist with more than 10 years of experience, for his or her sustained efforts to pursue a professional career in the arts and to produce new works, while contributing to the development and betterment of the Greater Sudbury arts community.
The Award for Exceptional Achievement in the Arts, is presented to a professional artist for exceptional contribution to the arts during their career spanning more than 25 years through an extensive body of works in one or several disciplines, as well as through her/his contribution over time to the development and betterment of the Greater Sudbury arts community.




The nominations for artists in in any of the three categories are now open. Please compete all required fields on the  nomination form in order for the application to be considered.



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