Board of Directors

Buse, Dieter

Dieter is a professor emeritus (History), and author/editor of numerous publications in modern European and Canadian history, including art history and the well-received local study, Come on Over: Northeastern Ontario.  He has been on many boards, including those of legal clinics and art galleries.

Cartier, Linda


Linda is a devoted, hard-working arts advocate.  A visual artitst, trained at Cambrian College specializing in silk painting, she is a small business owner of a local financial services firm and national training firm for financial professionals.

Christakos, Caitlin

Crigger, Keith

Keith has been an active participant in the Sudbury community theatre world since 2004. He is excited to combine his business and artistic acumen to serve the Sudbury arts community by being part of the SAC board.

Duncan, Emma

Gilhula, Vicki

Vicki Gilhula is associate publisher and editor of Sudbury Living Magazine has worked in journalism in Sudbury for three decades.  She has been a member of the Sudbury Arts Council for many years, and one of the founders of the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts event.

Legault, Monique

Artist Monique is owner of the Monique Legault Studio on Elgin Street. A professional artist since the age of 16, Monique lives, loves and sleeps art every single day. She is proud to be part of the culture of art in Sudbury.

McHenry, John

John is Artistic Director of the Sudbury Theatre Centre. He has been a theatre professional for over 30 years and is pleased to be part of the vibrant Sudbury arts scene.

Straughan, Judi


An actor/director in community theatre, Judi became program leader of drama, film and visual art at Sudbury Secondary School.  A theatre teacher at Thorneloe, she was publicist and education coordinator at Sudbury Theatre Centre until 2015.

Vine, Kyle

Welsh, Annik