About ArtScene

ArtScene is an ongoing research project that quantifies the scope and diversity of the artistic landscape in the city of Greater Sudbury. The Sudbury Arts Council (SAC) has reached out to all art groups, organizations and professionals working in the region to create the most up-to-date report possible. Culture is thriving in the north and this research demonstrates that it is a valuable economic driver for the community as a whole.

Until now, the accessibility of data about the arts and culture was on a provincial level. This project gave the opportunity to narrow the focus and examine the Greater City of Sudbury community in its own terms, which is why this research is so important and relevant.

This is a living document open to revision. The data presented herein can be viewed as a stepping stone to something much larger and more ambitious.



Click here to download the 2017 report



If you are an artist or business owner in the Greater city of Sudbury and area, and wish to participate in future editions of this research project, please submit your name and email address below. We will send you a link to our survey.


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The Sudbury Arts Council would like to thank all the participating organizations and professional artists for their feedback and support.  A total of 19 institutions/groups and many individual professional artists participated in the project.  This report would not have been possible without their support.

The Sudbury Arts Council also owes gratitude to FEDNOR for funding this project and believing in our vision.