Theatre Cambrian Open Casting Call

November 30, 2017

SUDBURY, ON- For over 33 years Theatre Cambrian has been a staple in Greater Sudbury’s
Cultural landscape developing and mentoring talent for stage. Many of the theatre’s community
actors have gone to study theatre and have become professionals working in the field of live
theatre. It is through developing characters both young and old that the real magic happens.

Theatre Cambrian is inviting the community to find the passion by hosting an open casting call
for two amazing plays that will kick off the balance of our 2018 season. From January 13 to 20,
2018, Theatre Cambrian will be staging the very funny, twisted love triangle “Having a
Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her” dinner theatre. We are looking for 3 couples, male and
female to be casted. This wild bedroom farce involves infidelity, double standards, midnight
rendezvous and a hungry bear. Danny and Kathy halt their night of sultry passion when Kathy
reveals she is dating another man. Paul and Jennifer play a mad slapstick scene of frustration
because she is reluctant to cheat on her husband. Bill and Mary, a couple about to celebrate their
twenty ninth wedding anniversary are at odds: Mary yearns for a night of passion while Bill
yearns to be left alone. To make matters more interesting, Paul’s best friend is Danny who is
married to Jennifer who is having an affair with Paul who is dating Kathy who is Danny’s
mistress and Jennifer’s sister. In Act Two they all weekend at Bill and Mary’s!

Fans of the Bee Gees, bell bottom pants and the disco era will not want to miss Saturday Fever
which will be a February Main Stage Musical scheduled from February 22 to March 10, 2018.

To book an audition for either performance, please call Shawn Bailey at 705-524-7317 or email Stay tuned for announcements on more upcoming productions.