The Invention of Romance in Action

February 16, 2018

Gabi Epstein as Kate having some fun with co-star Jake Deeth, who plays up to eleven characters over the course of the show, each with a unique flavour and comedic feel. Check out Invention of Romance at STC until March 25th. Tickets here:

Gabi Epstein as Kate is visiting her mother Louisa, played by Linda Goranson. The two have great chemistry and the relationship feels genuine. This is a great show, so make sure you check it out before the last day on February 25th. For tickets go here:

Gabi Epstein, as the perpetually unlucky-in-love Kate, in the midst of one of her many misadventures in internet dating. Go see this fantastic show before the curtain falls on February 25th. Tickets:

Gabi Epstein (as Kate) and Jake Deeth (as one of Kate’s 10 internet dates) learn that comedy is as hard as chemistry. Come catch every punchline and killer one liner in this lovely, charming and overall excellent play on stage until February 25th.