The 2018.2019 TNO Season is Officially Launched!

May 18, 2018

It is in a festive atmosphere that the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (TNO) released its theatre programming for 2018-2019. The artistic director, Marie-Pierre Proulx, announces with excitement and enthusiasm her first season at the head of this company! Titled “You are here”, this new season invites spectators to take part in a journey through their own imagination.

“The journeys and paths that make up our lives, which run across us and transform us, are at the heart of the plays presented this season. Each of these productions is an invitation to a journey”.”, in its literal and metaphorical sense”, stated the artistic director. “This season also celebrates the fact that each theatrical presentation represents a moment of sharing and gathering and marks a precious time-out on the itinerary of our busy lives.”


To present the themes of this season, the programming was revealed through a series of installations representing each production. The guests were then able to venture through the theatre, on stage and backstage, to discover the unique universe of each production.


The season will open with JACK, by Marie-Pierre Proulx, a production interpreted by sudburian actress France Huot and renowned actor Jean Marc Dalpé, directed by Magali Lemèle.  This Coming-of-age story is TNO’s most recent creation. Through a trip across America, the play explores the themes of filiations and the links between identity and territory.

*This production will have presentations with English SURTITLESTM.

The season will continue with SOUFFLER LA VEILLEUSE (“GETTING TO ROOM TEMPERATURE”), that offers an intimate and unique theatrical experience. Inviting in only sixty spectators each representation, this production addresses with great sensibility our relationship with death, which is at times complex and difficult.

*This production will have presentations with English SURTITLESTM.

Spectators will then be able to revive the wacky yet attaching universe of Philippe Soldevila and his acolytes in L’INCROYABLE LÉGÈRETÉ DE LUC L. (“THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS OF LUC L.”), the third installment of the trilogy which includes Les trois exils de Chrisitian E. and Le long voyage de Pierre-Guy B., both presented at the TNO with successful attendance in past seasons.

*This production will have presentations with English SURTITLESTM.

The production GAMÈTES (“GAMETES”) will invite spectators to discover the sharp pen of playwright Rébecca Deraspe, who questions with corrosive humour feminine accomplishment in today’s society. Presented at the beginning of the month of March, this contemporary play put on by a group of engaged and inspired feminine artists will be an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day.

*This production will have presentations with English SURTITLESTM.

For its 39th edition, the annual community production of the TNO is back with director Hélène Dallaire presenting AS IS (tel quel); an anti-musical by Simon Boudreault that will bring up laughter as much as reflections on our consumerist habits.

*This production will have presentations with English SURTITLESTM.


The youth series is full of surprises for our young spectators and families! The play HISTOIRES À PLUMES ET À POILS (“FEATHERY, FURRY STORIES”) will feed the imagination of children ages 4 to 8 years old with its unique and surrealist bestiary and eccentric aesthetic.

With TRAVERSÉE (“THE CROSSING”), Milena Buziak brings up the highly topical issue of migrant children with great sensibility. Families and spectators 9 years and up will be transported by this important production that integrates sign language (SLQ) and urges us to open up our minds to others.

Finally, 18-month to 4 year-old toddlers will be invited in a poetic adventure with MOTS DE JEUX (“WORD PLAY”), in which playwright Sarah Migneron revisits the daily toddler routine, incorporating rich rimes and fun plays on words and sounds.


The TNO offers once again this year a variety of initiatives and activities that enhance the experience of its spectators. Discover TNO’S Theatre Gourmet Bundle and enjoy a 3-cours meal specially prepared by La Coopérative du Collège Boréal and served at Au pied du rocher restaurant, for theatregoers attending As Is (tel quel) on Thursday, January 24th 2019 and L’Incroyable légèreté de Luc L. (The Incredible Lightness of Luc L.) on Thursday February 14th 2019 (Valentine’s day special!).

Story and Craft Time will be back on Saturdays at 2 PM during Adult Series presentations to facilitate cultural, family outings. Children aged 4 to 10 years old can participate in a free activity with artistic animation, while parents take advantage of the theatrical matinee.

Presentations with SURTITLESTM during the Adult Series will also be presented on Saturdays at 2 PM and 8 PM, with an additional presentation on Thursday October 25th 2018 for the TNO creation, Jack.

Finally, the 18-30 rate proposes a regressive rate starting at 20$ for adults ages 18 to 30. Each new visit to the theatre during the Adult Series includes a discount of 5$ from the preceding attendance. Therefore, the first ticket of the adult series is 20$, the second 15$, the third 10$ and the rest, 5$.


Visit to learn more about rates, the productions or to subscribe. The subscription has a 25% discount before August 31st 2018 or 15%, before October 17th, 2018. You can also call us at 705.525.5606, extension 4. The box office is open from 12:30 PM to 5 PM.

Thank you to all our volunteers, partners and funders. Thanks to you, TNO can provide theatregoers with an insightful  theatrical journey, rich in emotion !

2018-2019 SEASON



Written by: Marie-Pierre Proulx

Directed by: Magali Lemèle

Dates: October 18th-27th 2018

*Presentations with SURTITLESTM on October 20th 2018 and on October 25th 2018

You are here. Deep in the Nevada desert, where a lone poplar tree stands tall, its branches laden with shoes. Alexandra, usually so sedentary, is travelling across America to stand before that tree. It bears witness to the passage of travelers, transforming their shoes into bits of eternity.

Above all, the road leads to Jack. Her grandfather, the tireless traveler, has been everywhere, except in her life. Along the way, she meets people who guide her, in the footsteps of her ancestor, on a journey of self-discovery.


Written by: Arthur Milner

Translated by: Jean Marc Dalpé

Directed by: Kevin Orr

Dates: November 21st-24th 2018 (*Capacity of 60 spectators per night)

*Presentations with SURTITLESTM on November 24th 2018

You are here. Facing a man who is telling you how, one day, his 93-year-old mother gently asked for his help to end her own life. How can a son respond to such a request?

What to do? Help her, or disallow her wish to die with dignity? Who has the right to decide how and when we leave this world? Family? Society? Doctors? This poignant solo performance is a tender ode to life, love and liberty. 

L’INCROYABLE LÉGÈRETÉ DE LUC L. (”THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS OF LUC L.”), a production by the Théâtre Sortie de Secours and the Théâtre l’Escaouette

Written by: Philippe Soldevila, Christian Essiembre, Pierre Guy Blanchard et Luc LeBlanc

Directed by: Philippe Soldevila

Dates: February 14th-16th 2019

*Presentations with SURTITLESTM on February 16th 2019

You are here. Where three guys from New-Brunswick are meeting up. They were born just kilometres away from each other: same schools, same arenas, same university, same summer job at the local Acadian tourist attraction. They came of age in this harsh environment and now, they have all become artists.

What has made them who they are? Can they overcome their differences and understand one another? In the third installment of a series of acclaimed plays, Philippe Soldevila brushes their heartwarming portrait with deft strokes of levity, gravity and humanity.

GAMÈTES (”GAMETES”),  a production by Biches pensives

Written by: Rébecca Deraspe

Directed by: Sophie Cadieux

Dates: March 17th-19th 2019

*Presentations with SURTITLESTM on March 19th 2019

You are here. Where values and world views collide. Since childhood, Lou and Aude are inseparable friends. One is a civil engineer; the other, a journalist and active feminist. When Aude learns that her unborn child has Down syndrome, she rushes to Lou’s side, hoping to find comfort and support.

Over the course of a crucial evening, their beliefs will be put to the test. What is the meaning of success for women today? By turns biting and poignant, their discussion becomes a celebration of the freedom to choose and the will to live life on one’s own terms. 

AS IS (TEL QUEL), a community production by the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario

Written by: Simon Boudreault

Directed by: Hélène Dallaire

Dates: January 24th to February 2nd 2019

You are here. In the dimly-lit, overstuffed basement of a community thrift shop. The newly hired store clerk is a philosophy student, a budding intellectual. In this microcosm of society with its unspoken rules and oppressive power relationships, he chafes against injustice and wants change.

With a cast of colourful and comical characters, this production turns musical comedy on its head as it bitingly tackles the folly of overconsumption, the dark undertones of charity and the troubled spirit of our times.


HISTOIRES À PLUMES ET À POILS (“FEATHERY, FURRY STORIES”), a production by the Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke

Written by: David Paquet, Érika Tremblay-Roy, Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon

Directed by: Érika Tremblay-Roy

Date: December 1st 2018, at 11 AM and 2 PM

Age: 4 to 8 years old

You are here. Where an egg has escaped from its nest. A tiny whale hates to get wet. A turkey feels depressed. Two bumps on a camel’s back are arguing. Mischievous porcupines stick it to each other when they shake hands. And wait, there’s more!

In words and images, two characters and their animal-making machine tell short tales filled with crazy twists. Their riotous collection of incredible animals beats a wildly winding path to appreciation for the uniqueness of others and yourself.

TRAVERSÉE (“THE VOYAGE”), a production by Voyageurs immobiles, cie de création

Written by: Estelle Savasta

Directed by: Milena Buziak

Date: April 13th 2019 at 11 AM and 2 PM

Age : 9 and up

You are here. In a land where Nour lives with her nursemaid, kind and gentle Youmna. She smells like an orange tree and she is deaf. Their unique little world is full of familiar objects and gestures. One day, Nour must leave Youmna for a far-away land where girls go to school. They can even go bare-headed if they want.

Then begins the crossing, the struggle for survival. Nour tells the story with her voice; Youmna, in sign language. Tender and deeply moving, it is a tale of our times. Half of the migrants in the world today are children, like Nour.


Written by: Sarah Migneron

Directed by: Pier Rodier

Date: May 25th 2019, 10 AM and 1:30 PM

Age: 18 months to 4 years old

You are here. In the intimacy of a toddler’s daily routine. The child awakens to a world that is quiet, at first. But then come body noises, uttered words, adults speaking, animal calls, passing vehicles.

From morning till night, the child discovers a world made of words, speech and language. It has rhythms, tones, musicality and poetry. Life is like a poem. Words are like toys. You can play with them. And they can play with you.



Date: November 9th 2018

Cost: 150 $

You are here. Where Rebecca Noelle’s bewitching voice reigns supreme. Her impressive range spans three octaves and she’s at ease in all musical genres, but her natural affinity for soul sets this stunning singer apart.

Her sultry voice, natural charisma and disarming confidence bring to mind great artists who have influenced her, the likes of Etta James, Jamiroquai and k.d. lang. Francophone audiences know her as an unforgettable contestant in the TV series La Voix. Tonight, the show is all hers and her sound stretches far and wide.