Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Nominate an artist for the 2018 Arts Awards

December 1, 2017


Nominations are now open for the 2018 Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Awards, presented Wednesday, June 6 at a Gala at the Sudbury Theatre Centre.


The three categories for artists are: Outstanding Emerging Artist, Outstanding Mid-Career Artist and Exceptional Achievement in the Arts.


Now in its fifth year, Sudbury Arts Council produces this prestigeous event in collaboration with the Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury (ROCS).


Nomination information and forms, both in French and in English,  are now available on the Sudbury Arts Council website: The deadline for entry is Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm.


In addition to the honour of being recognized by their community and peers, artists are awarded generous bursaries to continue pursuing their creative projects. From a short-list of nine nominees selected by a non-partisan jury, three winners are named.


The Award for Outstanding Emerging Artist with a cash award goes to a professional artist with less than 10 years of professional artistic practice. This award acknowledges the excellence and creativity of her/his artworks or performances.


The Award for Outstanding Mid-Career Artist with a cash award  goes to a professional mid-career artist with approximately 10 – 25 years of experience for his or her sustained efforts to pursue a professional career in the arts and to produce new works, while contributing to the development and betterment of the arts in Greater Sudbury.


The Award for Exceptional Achievement in the Arts, which comes with a cash prize, goes to a professional artist for exceptional contributions to the arts during a career spanning more than 25 years. The award pays tribute to an extensive body of works in one or several disciplines, as well as through her/his contribution over time to the development and betterment of the arts community in Ontario and Canada.


Friends, family members and the artistic community are encouraged to nominate their favourite artist. As well, self-nominations are encouraged.


The Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Committee wishes to thank its generous supporters.


For more information, visit the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Facebook page.




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705-566-5104                         705- 673-5667


Past Arts Awards Laureates:



Emerging Artist             Matthew Heiti

Exceptional Achievement         Heather Topp



Emerging Artist             Jamie Dupuis

Mid-Career Artist             Stephane Paquette

Exceptional Achievement         Anne Suzuki



Emerging Artist             Johanna Westby

Mid-Career Artist             Andrew Knapp and Christian Pelletier

Exceptional Achievement         Kevin Closs



Emerging Artist             Shawn Kosmerly

Mid-Career Artists:              The Houles: Jeff, Julie and Mitch

Exceptional Achievement:         Roger Nash


More about the Sudbury Arts Council:

Sudbury Arts Council’s mission is to connect, communicate, and celebrate. We connect local arts with each other and their audience, we communicate as an umbrella organization, ensuring artists have a voice in Greater Sudbury and that the arts remain relevant to the community.


More about the ROCS

The Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury, created in 2007, is a coalition bringing together seven francophone arts, culture & heritage organizations. Its mandate is to ensure members collaborate on issues, share best practices and develop common initiatives. The ROCS is the voice of the francophone arts & culture professional community.