Anselmo, David

Northern Ontario Film Studios/Hideaway Pictures

Sudbury native, David Anselmo has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. After graduating Laurentian University while studying Theatre Arts, Mr. Anselmo spent 7 years of his life working in South Korea and most of Asia as an actor and producer. Among his many credits are international selling films, “Rpoint”, “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and the highest grossing South Korean film of all time “The Host” which passed the $100M at the box office.

Seeing an opportunity to create a new industry in Northern Ontario, he founded Hideaway Pictures in 2010, a Northern Ontario production company with the mandate of attracting bigger film and television productions to the North.

Browning, Kathy

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Kathy’s relationship to landscape has inspired her to create photographically for over forty years. She learns about land and water and her relationship to them through the work that she creates. In the past this understanding has inspired her to create sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, musical instruments, performance art, and particularly digital photography. Her latest exhibition entitled Spirit Animals was shown at the Stopciati Gallery, Sudbury wherein she superimposed images of animals on rocks, water, and sky photographs in Northern Ontario. Spirit Animals is a series of digitally manipulated images that encourages the audience to view nature as interconnected and unified. These photographs exemplify the spirits inherent in animals. We are all a part of this landscape and these photographs question the animals continued existence in this changing landscape. Some of her other exhibitions and photographic series have been Spirit of the North, Superior Power, Images on Rocks and Images on Icebergs. Kathy’s photographic series are limited edition archival quality giclee prints.

Kathy Browning is an Artist and an Art Educator. She has a Ph. D. and B. Ed. from University of Toronto, an M. F. A. from York University, and a B. F. A. Honours from the University of Manitoba. Kathy has taught Visual Arts and Technology at the elementary, secondary and university levels and currently teaches Visual Arts in the School of Education, Laurentian University.

Kathy’s research interests include digital photography, digital applications in elementary and secondary visual arts education, media arts, aesthetics, and video. Kathy has completed 14 DVD’s for Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury. She created these videotaped interviews in partnership with the Director of the Laurentian University Film Studio, Hoi Cheu. These videos are needed to support the implementation of the new Ontario Ministry of Education: The Arts guidelines and include Aboriginal, Métis, Francophone, and Anglophone artists. The videos will be made available on-line through streaming and links. The purpose is to add to the knowledge base of artists in Canada, particularly more remote areas like Northern Ontario, through videos and on-line sites for information access.

Cambrian College – Open Studio

Contact Name: Joan Campbell

Carte Blanche Films

CBF a été fondée en 2008 par la productrice exécutive Tracy Legault, qui cumule un riche savoir-faire en matière de contenus de qualité ainsi qu’une expérience large et variée. Son équipe et ses collaborateurs savent trouver le juste équilibre entre la créativité et l’innovation. Le haut niveau de professionnalisme de CBF est l’assurance, chaque fois renouvelée d’une expertise qui couvre l’ensemble des domaines permettant la production de contenus de haute qualité allant à la rencontre de leurs publics.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Irish Arts Association Inc.

CCE SIAAI concerns itself with the development of an environment conducive to: promoting traditional Irish music and arts in all forms; promoting, in particular, the playing of the harp and uilleann pipes locally; promoting Irish traditional dancing and singing with the traditional music; fostering and promoting the use of the Irish language; creating a closer bond among all lovers of Irish music and culture.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Irish Arts Association Inc. (a non-profit, charitable organization) was originally formed on March 17, 1996 under the name Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Branch. Since the begining, we have produced 14 Irish Celtic fairs, and ran a variety of weekly programs, large community shows (e.g. Echoes of Erin) and preformed in countless venues.  We also train local adult singers, dancers and speakers of Irish, and also children to dance, sing, speak Irish, Irish crafts, do plays, and play fiddles and tin whistles.  Our programs are provided on a weekly basis to children, youth and adults.  We also run a week long Irish Summer school.

Dawns Images Nature Photography

Don Johnston is a self-taught natural history photographer, with a degree in Biological Sciences. He taught high school biology, retiring after nearly thirty years. He’s been pursuing nature photography for over thirty years.He has travelled and photographed extensively throughout North America and have studied with such notable nature photographers as John Shaw, Freeman Patterson and Tim Fitzharris.

He is widely published, with hundreds of credits in magazines such as National Geographic Explorer, National Wildlife and Harrowsmith Country Life, calendars such as National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, Audubon, Teldon and Harrowsmith, text books, advertising such as Nikon and other media.

This award winning nature photographer currently lives in Lively, Ontario, Canada with his wife Brenda and son Matthew.

Goodman, Brenda

At Talent North, we are focused on providing  the local talent in Northern Ontario with a way of sharing and promoting their special and unique talent that would otherwise not get noticed.

We are committed to engulfing our readers with short colourful stories.  Talent North is proud to represent the extraordinary talents that are widely diversified that have gone virtually unnoticed.

We are proud to be part of Northern Ontario and all of its beauty, that we get to witness daily.

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Johnston, Don

Don Johnston is a Canadian natural history photographer based in Lively, Northern Ontario. He is widely published and his pictures have appeared in National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund and Audubon calendars, in addition to numerous credits in calendars, books and advertisements. Owner of Dawns Image Nature Photography.

Leclair, Lizanne


Lizanne Leclair, BA is a self identified Metis. After a long spiritual healing journey Lizanne was gifted with the ability to receive information from the creator and was able to bring this information together in these intuitive art workshops. Lizanne has worked with youth for more than 15 years in several capacities, sheis also the stepmother of one and mother of 4 children, as well as grandmother of 2 children.
She prides herself in being a daughter, sister, mother , grandmother and auntie. Lizanne began journeying with elders and teachers in the native culture in 2008. She will be forever grateful to creator, as she believes that you are never given more than you can bear. Lizanne is a professional in her community and has attended several workshops in the areas of human emotion, child development and mental health.
I also enjoy picking medicine and can offer a variety of plant mixtures and/or tea
to promote a healthy body.
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Mission Statement:

Intuitive art is an excellent tool for working on insight, self-esteem, anger management and trauma related anxiety. The benefits of Art therapy have been set aside by western traditional counseling. Our goal is to build personal intuition through creative expression. Learning to trust yourself is key in most situations. We will explore several types of art media, without expectations of perfection. Life is a journey with several experiences to be had along the way, join us in an unforgettable experience.

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Lickley, David

David Lickley is a biologist turned filmmaker. With over 25 years experience as a Producer/Director and Writer, David is currently the Director of Large Format Films for Science North, one of North America’s acknowledged leaders in science education. He has won international awards for his work and has pioneered the use of Object Theaters, an innovative multimedia theater technique. May 2008 saw the launch of Science North’s Fourth IMAX® film, which David produced and directed, Mysteries of the Great Lakes IMAX projects David currently has in development are: Polar Quest and Wild China — Land of the Panda.


Music and Film in Motion

Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) is a non-profit cultural organization serving the needs of everyone working in music, film and television across Northern Ontario. CION was established to assume the role and branding of Music and Film in Motion (MFM), and to advance its efforts to promote and encourage increased media arts production throughout Northern Ontario

MFM is Northern Ontario’s grassroots music industry association. That is to say, it’s our job to create and encourage opportunities that support the growth of our vibrant music scene. Through education, promotion and advocacy, MFM is committed to ensuring the success of the Northern Ontario music industry on a regional, provincial and national scale.

Myth and Mirrors Community Arts

Contact Name: Blaire Flynn

“Through the process of multi disciplinary artistic practices and public art interventions, Myths and Mirrors collaborates with community to weave art and story into the landscape and practices of our daily lives.  We actively seek unexpected connections, openings, opportunities and possibilities of collectively being in the world.  We push boundaries and create openings for public participation in social transformation.  Everyone is welcome to imagine and create community with us.”

We work to blur the lines between artist and audience and push boundaries around places of artistic creation and experience. We use methods of artistic subversion to question who is artist, who is audience, where and when art is made and experienced. As community and environmental connections become increasingly electronic and virtual, Myths and Mirrors seeks ways to reconnect. We believe it is necessary to find opportunities for first hand connections. By sharing our stories in meaningful and tangible ways we humanize and learn to be a community.

While M&M continues to create collaborative visual art such as murals, we are also directing our energies toward performance, puppetry and circus arts.

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Williams, Terry

I describe myself as a “lens-based” artist, mostly because I can’t draw, paint, or sculpt. Photography lets me capture ideas visually, and helps me try to translate large-scale social narratives into intimate, personal encounters. I have a strong interest in analog photography (plus most other forms of analog practice.) I’m interested in “signal based realizations”…which for me has mostly been about analog/terrestrial radio waves. I’m also fascinated by airline disasters and most things related to the Cold War.

My training began in 1994 with Susan McEachern at NSCAD. After that I pursued a self-directed practice for 15 years, before returning to school at Ryerson University and receiving my BFA in Photography in 2014. Along the way I also took advanced professional courses with Carson Jones, Craig Samuels, and Ray Steinke at the Canadian Photographic Centre.

I have also been active as a producer and project manager in the performing and visual arts since 1994. My experience includes grant writing, marketing, fundraising, publicity, capital projects, public engagement, event ideation and production, tour management, concert management, documentation, and reporting. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with several of the leading creators of our time, as well as many of the most active arts organizations in Canada. I also work with individual artists to help them with marketing, social media, and career management.