Dreaming the dream with Myths and Mirrors

April 26, 2018


Creating community-minded art in Sudbury has always been our dream. For over 20 years, Myths and Mirrors has made that a reality for so many here in Northeastern Ontario. Unlike other arts organizations, we do not have one focus or discipline. This allows us to work with different groups to find and explore different ways for people to express themselves.

This past year alone, Myths’ programs have used visual arts, mural arts, theatre, giant puppets, and even animation to allow our participants to explore, create and find their voice in our community.


However, this approach also means finding sources of funding is rather tricky, as we do not fit into many funding programs and streams. That is why we need your support.

Your donation will help Myths and Mirrors continue the important work we do in our community. It will help build a strong foundation to work with different groups and hire artists to help make people’s dreams a reality.DONATE


Last year, our ATA program offered trans individuals in Sudbury a chance to create art based on their lives and experiences and share it with community.

Bwaajigiwin and Waking Light revitalized our stilt-walking troupe and provided youth an opportunity to explore their dreams through performing arts, puppetry, mask-making, costume design, and stop-motion animation.

And our Art Against Hate project served as a rapid response to those who thought they could spread hate and ignorance in our community.

At Myths and Mirrors, dreams do come true. And with your support, we will be able to continue to make it so for years to come.

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Waking Light participants create paper mache lanterns for a parade and community celebration of the Spring Equinox.
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