Bead Diva

Bead Diva is located in Sudbury, Ontario specializes in beads, beading supplies and hand made jewellery.

Beland, Diane

Diane is an artisan potter working from her studio located on Simon Lake in the City of Greater Sudbury. She specializes in wheel thrown and hand built functional stoneware pottery. Each unique piece is handmade. She enjoys making casseroles, bowls, mugs and platters of various shapes and dimensions.

Her passion for pottery was ignited when she took her first course with Jackie Reid at Le Centre culturel La Ronde in Timmins, Ontario. Since then, Diane has participated in a number of workshops and conferences and has also taught pottery courses. She is in constant search for new techniques and new ideas.

Boyle, Sean

Sean grew up around a wood working shop where his parents refinished and restored antiques. At the age of 16 with a driver’s license in hand the last place he wanted to be was in a wood shop, so he took a 30 year vacation. To commemorate the birth of his first grandchild Sean returned to the shop to build a grandfathers clock. Sean excels in all forms of wood working but his passion is the wood lathe. As a turner Sean enjoys solid wood as well as segmented pieces.

Bruno, Henry

Aboriginal artist specializing in stitched leather clothing and artwork.

Canale, Mary

Mary Canale, owner of The Purple Door Studio, her art workshop that she runs out of her home, describes herself as a laid back, don’t sweat the small stuff kinda person.  Her area of interest include acrylic paint and stencils.  She is part of two local organisations: Sudbury Basin Potters and the Art Gallery of Sudbury and has artistic training in acrylic courses taken at the Sudbury Art Gallery, High School Art and private pottery lessons.

You can reach Mary at, , by phone 705.618.3292 or you can find her at 101 Whittaker St, Sudbury.

Cannon, Kristan

Kristan was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and educated in North Bay and Toronto.

She is a staunch supporter of literacy, reading, and young writer’s programs.  She also holds a current membership with the Indi Writer’s Network and is a member of the NaNoWriMo Ambassador’s program.

When not researching or writing, Kristan exists for sailing on the local lakes, painting, and outdoor sports until the snow and ice locks her boat on shore at which point she moves to EVE Online and creating cosplay.

Carr, Cathy

Original Handmade Glass Beads and Jewellery by Cathy Carr – (705) 670-8889 or

All of my beads are one of a kind pieces of art.   No two are the same. Made with Moretti, Effetre or Vetrofond glass. Glass rods are melted in a flame. Molten glass is wound onto a mandrel and shaped with tools. This technique is known as lampwork and has been around for centuries.

Some beads contain fine silver foil, wire or mesh which is 99.9% pure silver. The designs in the beads are achieved by layering different colours of glass.  Some beads take a few minutes to create, while other more complicated ones may take up to an hour. All beads are kiln annealed for strength and durability.


Cartier, Linda

Linda is a devoted, hard-working arts advocate.  A visual artitst, trained at Cambrian College specializing in silk painting, she is a small business owner of a local financial services firm and national training firm for financial professionals.

Cerutii, Gwen

Gwen Cerutti has resided in the Sudbury area most of her life. Although she has no formal art training, creativity has always been an important part of her life. A primarily self-taught artist, she works in watercolour, pastel, acrylic, and textiles. She is a member of the Sudbury Art Club, the Walden Art Club and Artists on Elgin. Gwen started painting in early 2000, and joined the local art club later that year. At that time she was only working in watercolour, but she began to experiment with other mediums at workshops given by several well known artists. Attending these and other workshops has provided her with some of the necessary technical elements to pursue her artistic passion and creativity.

Gwen is always open to trying new ideas and techniques and gets inspiration from viewing the works of other artists and talking to them about the different techniques and styles of their paintings.

In 2006, Gwen began exploring textile arts which have led her to designing one-of-a-kind scarves. Her scarves are available at the Shutterbug Gallery in Huntsville, Silverbridge Gallery in Bracebridge, Artists on Elgin in Sudbury, Jan Browning Boutique in Sudbury, and by custom order. Her recent works include a number of mixed media collages, in which she has been exploring textures and design elements. Many of her art works are in private collections in Ontario and Alberta. Gwen believes that art is a way of seeing things and she invites you to have a look through her eyes.

Checkeris, Muiriel

Muiriel Checkeris took courses in drawing and painting at the Art School in Glasgow Scotland, as well as pottery courses in the Fine Arts program at Cambrian College in Sudbury. She opened her own studio over 30 years ago, where she worked with her husband Ernie. Muiriel’s work is mainly functional, in light stoneware and porcelain.

She enjoys decorating her work, often with blueberries. Her latest pottery has many colours, as she has been experimenting with new glazes.

Christakos, Caitlin

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Irish Arts Association Inc.

CCE SIAAI concerns itself with the development of an environment conducive to: promoting traditional Irish music and arts in all forms; promoting, in particular, the playing of the harp and uilleann pipes locally; promoting Irish traditional dancing and singing with the traditional music; fostering and promoting the use of the Irish language; creating a closer bond among all lovers of Irish music and culture.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Irish Arts Association Inc. (a non-profit, charitable organization) was originally formed on March 17, 1996 under the name Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Sudbury Branch. Since the begining, we have produced 14 Irish Celtic fairs, and ran a variety of weekly programs, large community shows (e.g. Echoes of Erin) and preformed in countless venues.  We also train local adult singers, dancers and speakers of Irish, and also children to dance, sing, speak Irish, Irish crafts, do plays, and play fiddles and tin whistles.  Our programs are provided on a weekly basis to children, youth and adults.  We also run a week long Irish Summer school.

DIY Craftery and Lounge

At our Craftery & Lounge, we offer drop-in crafts for adults and children, monthly events and classes, and private events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, summer camps, and more!

Edwards, Barbara

Barbara Edwards was born in Owen Sound, Ontario. She has been drawing and painting since an early age, with colour and light being the focal point of her interest. Glass soon became her media of choice and Barbara has been designing and creating her own unique stained glass designs since 1996. She continues to study and experiment with the many facets of working with glass, combing fusing and three-dimensional designs for original works of art. Her work demonstrates the hot fluidity of the glass and the ways in which it captures and influences sunlight. Barbara’s work often includes themes of local wildlife and vegetation.

In addition to stained glass, Barbara also creates lampwork beads and fashions them into one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Her many experiences in the art field include setting up numerous art displays and organizing art shows, as well as the presentation and framing of art work.

See more of Barbara’s work at

Fauvelle, Tyler

Sculptor from Lively, who’s become known especially for his bronze sculptures of mostly Canadian historic figures over the past decade.

Inspired by Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, Tyler sculpts in clay, and casts his work in bronze, or in a metal-infused medium.

His public monumental artworks include commemorations of Indigenous military heroes and activists, cultural figures, and Canadian mining pioneers.

Gypsy Potter Studios

Hill, Lynn

Lynn is a knitter and a quilter. She learned to knit when she was five and has enjoyed it ever since. After retiring from teaching, quilting became a big interest in her life.

Holland, Fran

Sewing and quilting has been a large part of Fran Holland’s life for over 30 years. As a teen making her own clothes, she had a lot of scrap fabric and decided to make a quilt using a pattern she had found in Chatelaine magazine. The quilting bug had bit her. Upon her graduation from the University of Guelph, she enrolled in quilting classes for fun. One thing led to another and to date she has made over 70 quilts.

The most enjoyable part of the quilt making process is to choose the colours and fabrics and to see the magic that is created. Her quilts have been selected for raffles to raise money for several charities and have won awards at Quilts on the Rocks and the Waterloo Festival.

Hubert, Hermina

An artistic father provided Hermina with the creative background and enthusiasm for the arts. After having graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, Hermina obtained a Bachelor of Education degree at Queen’s University and taught Art to Secondary School students in the region for the next twenty-eight years.

Recent retirement has afforded Hermina more time to pursue her artistic endeavours which include creating “Wearable Art” in clay & textiles, silk painting, pastels, and photography. She is an active member of the Lively Heritage Arts Guild, the Walden Art Club, and the Sudbury Horticultural Society. Her Artwork is on display at City Hall and Artists on Elgin in Sudbury, Ontario.

Kurki, Helmi

Leaded & Stained Glass artist in Wahnapitae.

Lang, Helena

Helena Lang is an artisan based in Sudbury, Ontario. Born in Finland, Helena developed a love of all things artistic from a very early age and has worked in a variety of visual art mediums including charcoal, watercolour and oil paintings showing both realism and abstract concepts to convey the link between art and artist.

Recent projects include primarily textile compositions through weaving, holistically bringing to life this ancient art form.

Legault, Monique

Artist Monique is owner of the Monique Legault Studio on Elgin Street. A professional artist since the age of 16, Monique lives, loves and sleeps art every single day. She is proud to be part of the culture of art in Sudbury.

Maddock, Rosie

Rosie arrived in Sudbury from the U.K. in 2009 having received a B.A. Honours Degree in ” Drawing for Fine Art Practice” from Bath University shortly before moving, and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from Abingdon and Witney College three years earlier.

Her interests could broadly be described as experimental and multi-media, often exploring social, historical or conceptual themes through the use of related materials and objects.
Her work is usually rooted in the qualities of drawing practise in its broadest sense: immediacy, directness, experimentation and playfulness, to record, invent and communicate. . Rosie enjoys experimenting with new possible applications for her work output, and find this keeps her work lively and varied.

Current involvement in the Sudbury visual art community includes student mentoring for the Cambrian College Art and Design diploma course, regular teaching for the Parkside Older Adults Centre, and sessional instruction for the Voices for Women Programme. Rosie has also provided occasional workshops for Sudbury Art Club, and taught several short courses at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

Martin, Judy

Textile artist creating large scale, hand stitched artwork from found and re-purposed cloth.

Merriefield, Carson

Carson is a fused glass artist living in Northern Ontario on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. Carson’s work encompasses a wide range of ‘kiln formed’ creations, from jewelry to functional items and art.  She is inspired by the magic of the Lake and the wilderness that surrounds it.  She weaves these elements into her art using an abstract form…open for interpretation.

Carson is self taught, and loves to pursue her art searching out new techniques with other glass artists.

Mertl, Pat

Pat Mertl has been passionate about smocked clothing since she created a dress for her daughter in the early ’70s. She has since perfected her craft using heirloom techniques and intricate hand work. Pat has studied with the world renowned Martha Pullen at the Martha Pullen School in North Carolina, and she continues to study with various experts from around the world. Pat’s dresses and clothing are made using the finest fabrics and materials and are often adorned with antique buttons and lace. Pat’s one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to be cherished and passed on to future generations.

She specializes in custom designs including christening gowns and flower girl dresses. Now a teacher of hand sewing and smocking, Pat is able to spread her true passion on to others.

Moratz, Gary

Gary Moratz grew up in the Sudbury region and that gave Gary the advantage of being inspired by the unique combination of the natural beauty of Northern Ontario juxtaposed with urban life. As a result, his subjects vary from outdoor scenes with flowers and the northern lights to buildings and people. Gary’s interest with stained glass started in 1985 and he began working with mosaic tile in 2000. Also in 2000, one of his art pieces was featured in the Art Gallery of Sudbury’s “Hand and Spirit” arts and crafts exhibition.

Gary likes to experiment with different materials such as metal, wood, tile, glass and stones. His designs include a desert scene on a paddle and concrete table tops combining most of these materials.

Nardi, Maggie

Maggie Nardi studied Fine Arts at Cambrian College for four years, majoring in pottery & weaving. She has taken several other courses over the years including summer programs at Canadore College in North Bay and workshops throughout Ontario. She presently manages the Sudbury Basin Potters shop and teaches basic pottery lessons.

Polano, Mary Lynn

Mary Lynn Polano crafts handmade bears, bunnies, and other characters fashioned from previously-loved fur coats. Mary Lynn’s creations take approximately 40 hours to bring to life. From choosing the fabrics and the pattern, to giving the bears moveable limbs and dressing them up, each stage contributes to the development of the furry companion’s character. Mary Lynn explains that “each bear comes into existence, during its creation, with its own unique personality. While I imagine the general end result of each bear, it is the bear itself who shows me his or her personality”.

Before the bears are ready to join their new homes, they must be given names. “Everyone deserves to have their own name, even bears!” Mary Lynn says. “Sometimes I think of a name as I’m creating the face and it suits the bear so well that it cannot have any other name…”

Mary Lynn Polano lives in Lively, Ontario. She grew up watching the generations of women in her family create various arts and crafts and learned to sew as a young child. Creating handmade, one-of-a-kind toys provides her a retreat from a hectic world. Mary Lynn is member of Artists on Elgin.

Rancourt, Anna

Anna Rancourt has been weaving for over thirty-five years and she attributes her love of weaving to her mother-in-law Olivine Rancourt. Anna first wove without theory for several years but, she extended her skills and techniques by learning the theories behind weaving.

In the early 1970s Anna moved from Malartic, Quebec to Sudbury, Ontario where she taught weaving as an art form at the Centre des Jeuxes and at the Hanmer Weaver’s Club through the Community Schools Program. Anna has also offered intensive weekend workshops in both Elliot Lake and Kapuskasing.

Weaving blends well with today’s concerns about recycling and the use of natural fibres. By reusing the material from previously owned sheets and garments, Anna weaves functional articles such as rugs, placemats, potholders and blankets.

Ranger, James

James Ranger makes seamless pieces of furniture and woodwork that are stunning pieces of art as well as fully functional. Working out of his house, James’ work is some of the best quality you’ll find in the North and makes a wonderful addition to a household that is sure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Sivers, Alison

Alison has always enjoyed a variety of craft hobbies. While working in St. Catharines, she took a course in stained glass at Niagara College. It caught her attention and she has been enjoying it ever since. She makes both small and large pieces.

Upon returning to Sudbury, making stained glass pieces was apparently not enough to fill her time, and when her mother asked for a necklace to match a pair of earring she had, it was the start of a new hobby. Alison makes a variety of styles of jewellery but specialized in chain maille jewellery- jewellery made from small metal rings.

Solomon, David

David’s love of wood began at a very young age, and that love of wood has evolved into a passion for combining the beautiful features of North American woods with exotic woods to create functional and decorative pieces.

Solomon, Gene

Gene Solomon grew up in Shebanoning, also known as Killarney, Ontario, a quaint picturesque little village nestled between the white quartzite rocks of the La Cloche mountains and the red granite shorelines and shimmering crystal blue waters of Georgian Bay. A member of the Henvey Inlet First Nation, Gene now resides in Sudbury, Ontario.

His father, Art, was a boat builder, cabinet maker and woodworker who taught Gene how to build and repair cedar strip canoes, and make bowls from burls and tables from tree trunks. Gene carved his first walking stick at his camp on Bonanza Lake using only a pocket knife, a wood rasp and sandpaper. A friend of his introduced him to the art of soapstone carving, and medium he very much enjoys. He considers this a meaningful way of passing whatever time he has left on this earth.

You can be the judge and jury of his passion. Enhancing the natural beauty that surrounds us all, the finished product, whether it be wood, stone or canvas, reveals the spiritual force that lives within each piece for all to see, feel and enjoy.

Sudbury and District Quilting and Stitchery Guild

Want to learn how to quilt? stitch? Have you been quilting or stitching for years and want to meet other people who share your passion?  Sudbury & District Quilting and Stitchery Guild members range in experience from beginner to expert, so anyone is welcome.

Not sure if we are the group for you?  Come check us out; your first meeting is FREE.  If you decide to stay, the guild’s yearly membership is $30 and grants you access to a full library, guild resources, and a wide variety of classes run by guild members.

The guild is full of experienced members more than happy to help you become a better quilter or stitcher.   We meet every Tuesday night from 7:00pm to approximately 9:00pm at the YMCA Parkside Centre, 140 Durham Street.  For further information, please feel free to contact us through our website

Sudbury and District Weavers and Spinners Guild

The Sudbury and District Weavers and Spinners Guild is a not for profit organization that began in the fall of 1956. We welcome anyone interested in learning or sharing weaving and spinning skills.

For details of guild meetings and events, or to join the guild, please email our President Denise Newton Mathur:

Suzuki, Ann

Ann Suzuki’s artistic focus for the past thirty-five years has been on colour and design as it relates to textiles. She works in the ancient technique of batik, using silk, wax and dyes to create unique colour combinations and intricate patterns. She hand selects her silks, which are mostly from India, China and Japan. Silk responds so well to the batik process, taking the dyes in a very intense way, colour over colour mixing and blending until the batik is completed.

“The design and creation of one-of-a-kind garments is the next stage of my work. Each batik seems to lead me towards a garment design – jackets, coats, suits, gossamer evening tops, funky hats and winter silk scarves. My pieces attract people for many different reasons, which I enjoy.”

Wallingford, Heather

Heather Wallingford has always been involved in some form of handwork. She remembers knitting with her grandmother when she was 4 years old. A car accident in 1992 made it impossible for her to sit for more than a few minutes at a time. In her search for handwork that could be done while standing she met Wendy Fahey from Lively who introduced her to decorative art.

Heather loves decorative painting and has spent many happy hours painting, sometimes with grandchildren. Her husband used to tell people who visit not to say still too long or they might find a flower or scene painted on them! Heather is delighted to have her painted glasses at Artists on Elgin is looking forward to creating new designs for a wider audience.