July 12, 2018

An accompanying text by Sarah Blondin on Florence Yee’s exhibition But really, where are you from?
There are moments when entering a space curated by someone can feel like a revelation. In that instant, we have an idea of what their childhood was like. The way our eyes scan a room, we have a stereotypical mindset that brings us to pre-assuming their memories. For example, I was a young girl full of drama, trapped in the suburbs; therefore my walls were obviously covered in Backstreet Boys posters. Even now in my adult years, I find myself covering every inch of my walls, expressing my likes and dislikes in my bedroom.

After studying visual arts, I began to notice that artists are truly captivated by their childhood memories. (CONTINUE READING ON THE GNO WEBSITE)



Sarah Blondin is a local mixed media artist who is still 16 at heart. Her inspiration comes from being a young woman and growing up in a smaller community where the internet was the way for over dramatic expression, a time when every MySpace page was a way too personal diary, however shared with many. Her work explores collage, illustration and sculpture. She hopes to bring joy, curiosity, humour and memories to her audience.

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It’s summertime!


We’re slowing down but we’re still working! The GNO’s team wishes you a beatiful summer, beautiful gardens, beautiful artwork and beautiful swimming! See you in a couple of weeks for our next season’s activities.