Bizsmart Presented by WorkInCutlure

February 21, 2018

WorkInCulture is pleased to present a FREE four-part webinar series for artists, makers, creative entrepreneurs looking to learn more in the areas of business planning, marketing and financial management.

Business Planning for the Arts and Creative Industries March 1st, 2018 from 12pm to 2pm at the South End Library Communicating ideas through your artwork is one thing, but how do we take a concept for a creative business and explain it to the bean counters? This webinar is designed by a career artist (who also has an MBA) to draw upon your skills as a creative and make them work to the requirements of a structured business plan.

Achieve Your Business Goals as an Artist March 8th, 2018 from 12pm to 2pm at the South End Library As an artist, of course you want to focus on doing what you’re amazing at, which is creating more art! The reality is that when your art is your business you can’t avoid completing administrative tasks. If you’re in any way frustrated because you are working too hard, procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, confused about what and how to complete administrative tasks then this webinar is for you! This webinar will help you get organized and guide you with ways to prioritize so that your business thrives.

Marketing for Creatives March 22nd, 2018 from 12pm to 2pm at the South End Library The past decade has seen a transformation in marketing due to the growth of online strategies. Creatives, like all small businesses, must actively participate in this digital world; watching from the side is no longer an option. A Marketing Plan that blends both non-digital and digital tactics will drive success, even with limited resources.

Branding and Marketing Yourself as an Artist in the Digital World March 29th, 2018 from 12pm to 2pm at the South End Library Branding is a key component of developing yourself as an artist in today’s digital age. It plays a pivotal role in marketing yourself as an artist to your fans, the industry, and your peers. This webinare will focus on how to develop your brand as an artist, how to properly utilize social media and keep it consistent, and how to get into the world of digital advertising on social media to help promote yourself.

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